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This book contains 24 paintings from masters that we studied, along with detailed guidance of the key elements and method, as well as a display of works produced by the amateurs. There is important overview of how to look and the philosophy behind the studies.

If my 3 year old monster (with some instructions and good mood) and my 65 year old mother can try to paint, anyone can do it!

** French version available 

version française cliquez ici


The second part of the project was to try preserve and develop further the precious creativity of the children, especially the younger ones.

I designed some classes to for them to explore creative ways of mark making, including working with wet on wet, response to Elgar’s enigma variation, constellations, creating snowflakes with positive mind energy, also combining painting, music, drama, documentaries, creative story and more with learning Chinese characters which ARE abstract arts themselves. From painting creating story inspired by nursery rhymes to my favourite mini theatres series of stories of Aesop and Chinese wisdoms, Puccini’s opera and 2021 haute couture fashion show. 

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